Established in 2009, SIIT is a premier Hardware and Networking Institute. SIIT has earned immense trust and respect in the IT industry for its Computer Hardware and Networking training courses. Since 2009, it has set up training centers all India especially in Uttar Pradesh. SIIT has placed an impressive 10,000 technical and non-technical students in companies such as Wipro, HP, Zenith Computers Ltd, Reliance, Samsung, L.G., Nokia, Lemon, Sony, Tata , Sify and so on.


 Its growth has been characterized by an ever-increasing franchise network that receives complete support from the company in all aspects of franchising

SIIT is a premier Computer Hardware and Networking Training Institute – a pioneer in Hardware and Networking Education with 02 years of combined experience in the Electronics and IT industry.
SIIT has established more than 10 operational centers and 200 faculties across the country and has trained over 10,000 students who have moved on to carve a successful career for themselves.
Despite the down turn in the market, SIIT has grown by 40 %. Besides catering to its retail walk-in clients, it also initiates tie-ups with colleges and IT companies to derive value.

Interested Franchisees should fulfill the given criteria:

Involvement in day-to-day operation

  • Work experience of 1-2 years in IT field would be an added advantage.
  • Should have a space of 800 – 1200 sq ft carpet area.
  • Investment capacity of 1 - 5 Lakhs.
  • Centers require minimum 15 computers system in village area & 25 computers systems in urban area.
  • SIIT will provide you :
  • Flex board for your center
  • Advertising material
  • Biometric Attendance Machine.
  • CCTV Cameras, Night Vision Cameras, 4 Ch DVR & Connectors.
  • Students will be provided a Free kit for one year course, which includes

  • A Kit Bag , Books or Notes
  • Scholarships
  • Identity Card